Advisor - Recruitment/ Executive Search

Seafood People is focused on providing the Seafood Industry with great talent, industry insight and inspiration. Our unique understanding and experience working in this truly global business means we can provide executive search, recruitment and consulting services for the sector, connecting successful partners worldwide. We believe hiring is the single most important thing a company does. A great workforce not only does great work, it attracts other great people. We take pride in finding the best talent available and by doing so we strongly believe we will add value to this exciting industry.

Seafood People is the industry leader in recruitment and consulting within the global seafood industry. By utilizing the latest industry technology and partnering with the world leader in talent assessment, we’ve achieved unprecedented success since the company’s conception. We work alongside companies, educating them on the importance of implementing a professional recruitment process and helping them define who they are as an employer. We make sure each candidate has a positive recruitment experience and are committed to assisting interested candidates on their journey into the seafood industry.

What is it like to work for Seafood People? Seafood People’s corporate culture is relaxed but with an energized focused. It is a team of people that are committed to their work, have grit and encourage each others’ success. The Seafood People team are talented, confident self - initiators who each have the autonomy to make their own judgement call, fix what’s not working and are encouraged to try fresh ideas. Our culture fits a certain personality, it`s not for everyone, but for people who love energetic collaboration, operating in a highly professional way, building trust and challenging conventions, Seafood People is a great place to work. Check out how some of our customers feels about working with us here; Testimonials

Role & responsibility
Since we work so closely with our clients, we passionately believe the candidate must have the ability to build strong relationships, view the situation from the client’s perspective and look’s out for the client’s best interest.

As Advisor - Recruitment/ Executive Search in Seafood People, the role entails the full responsibility for managing recruitment processes from A-Z with our clients. The candidate will need to be able to develop a full understanding of the importance of projects and grasp the long-term strategy and success of each client. In addition, continually assessing the progress of each project and refining procedures every step of the way will be required.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Managing recruitment processes
  • On-going involvement and guidance of clients recruitment and development projects
  • Encouraging and educating clients to understand and embrace professional recruitment solutions
  • Client visits and attendance at key events and conferences
  • Build trust and ensure high quality experiences for both candidates and clients
  • Having the experience to be able to guide, lead and recommend the right solutions to our clients
  • As a member of the Seafood People team you will also have responsibility for supporting and mentoring the more junior members of the team.


  • Real expertise and experience in key areas of recruitment and HR
  • Business minded - commercial impact for Seafood People and clients
  • Someone who loves people and helping others achieve their goals
  • A team player who is constantly learning, regularly teaching and genuinely loving the challenge of work
  • Someone who is very interested in others' behavior, observes and analyses others' motives and reactions. Able to ask great questions and shows emotional intelligence
  • Willing to pick up the phone and talk to people
  • Listening to understand, not waits for their turn to speak
  • Highly organised with proficient time management skills
  • Someone who can take control of the situation and instill confidence
  • The ability to set ambitious and demanding targets, enjoys difficult challenges, wants to get ahead and succeed

Benefits & Perks
Not only do you get to become a member of the Seafood People family, a dedicated bunch who like to work hard, produce results and put quality and ethics at the heart of everything we do but you will also get:

  • The opportunity to work within a global industry and a company in growth
  • Flexibility and an opportunity to make a difference within the global Seafood Industry
  • Work with a company which invest, appreciate and encourage developing our employee`s competence in order to serve our customers in the best way we can
  • Competitive salary package and pension plan

If we get to meet you, we will want to learn about your experience managing recruitment processes and candidate experiences. We want to see someone we can trust to be confident, professional and effective but relaxed enough to remember to smile and remind people why working with us is fun.

If you have any questions or comments, - please do not hesitate to contact us!

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