Chief Operation Officer (COO)

This position is located in Ensenada, a renowned and growing hub for aquaculture innovation. Ensenada is known for its tranquility and high quality of life. The town is located just 30 minutes from Valle de Guadalupe, which is home to award winning vineyards and restaurants and just over an hour to San Diego. 

The COO oversees the day-to-day operating activities of the Group from farming, feeding, harvesting, quality control, maintenance, and industrial operations. Is the driver and catalyst as well as of change of the current methods of operations and guide the improvement plans in our aquaculture farms. The ideal candidate is capable of leading a continuous operations improvement program to ensure operational excellence, cost competitiveness and efficiency.

The main goals of the COO position are to meet financial, operational and security targets and drive extensive and sustainable improvement and growth.

Key drivers of the role include the transformation from traditional ways of work to modern and technology focused production, thru application of new production methods. Another key aspect of the role is to lead, train, build and motivate a strong team in all research and development initiatives of the company.

The use of best practices in aquaculture, security of our personnel and biomass inventories is a main responsibility in this executive roll. Implementation of better processes using technology is our focused goal.

This executive will interact as high-level management to improve and support the strategic planning process, putting in place the objectives on yearly basis and assuring the results on monthly basis.

Meet financial, operational and security KPIs that continuously drive the company towards growth targets.
Oversees day-to-day operations to include: farming, feeding, harvesting, QC, maintenance and industrial operations.
Be a catalyst for change/modernization through the implementation of new and innovative technology and/or production methods.
Implement best aquaculture, biosecurity and inventory management practices.
Implement best business practices and leads process improvement efforts to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.
Build, lead, train and motivate a strong R&D team.
Work with the executive board to shape strategic planning and execute strategic initiatives.
The role of COO

The role of the COO will require an individual who can demonstrate a high level of strategic thinking and can develop a strong plan of the key value drivers of the business. The right incumbent will be a high ranked executive with extensive experience leading large aquaculture operations. The ideal candidate will also be a performance driven leader, responsible for ensuring operational excellence across the organization.

The COO role is a key member of the senior management team, reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). You’ll have to maintain control of diverse business operations, so we expect you to be an experienced and efficient leader.

The COO is responsible for the application of all the Policies and Procedures in the aquaculture operations under sound basis, his leadership will involve all over the teamwork in farms and corporate offices as well.

COO will ensure the achievement of objectives considering the profitability into the complete farming process to support the financial goals.

BAF’s new COO must be a natural leader capable of strategic thinking and implementation. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience managing large aquaculture operations
The COO will serve as a key member of the senior management team and report directly to the CEO. He or she will be responsible for operational excellence across the organization and must be driven to continuously pursue process improvement initiatives. Further, the COO must be capable of managing, leading and motivating a diverse team of personnel.

Personal Characteristics Required for this Position
The following behavior is significantly positive for this job:
You like to be in charge; leads and directs others; keeps the team focused on objectives; finds it easy to persuade others; influences others and wins their support. You come across as very confident and self-assured even in unfamiliar situations and groups; feels at ease during presentations and formal events. You are team-oriented and considerate; enjoy working with others; is supportive and pleasant to be with. You are very pragmatic and target-oriented in approach; focuses on reaching results; solves problems fast and effectively. You really enjoys working with concepts and strategies; likes and seeks intellectual challenge. You can think out of the box; develops imaginative and original ideas and solutions. You supports new ideas and initiatives; enjoys change and novelty; continually looks for ways to improve things.

Competitive salary and benefits with expatriate benefits, as appropriate.

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