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Scanbio Marine Group is a leading producer of feed ingredients from sustainable marine and aquaculture sources. The company’s business addresses the growing global market demand for protein and fish oil ingredients.

About Scanbio Marine Group 
Scanbio Marine Group is located in Trondheim, Norway with its production facilities in Bjugn and Lysøysund. Scanbio is a leading Norwegian producer of highly nutritious fish protein concentrates and fish oils. The Company’s business addresses the growing global market demand for ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources.

Sustainability is a core value for ScanBio. No fish is caught specifically to supply our factories, and all our by-products come from human consumption grade processing units.

The Sales Manager reports to the Sales Director and is responsible for overall sales, logistics and delivery of Scanbio's products in Europe. The Sales Manager will be responsible for both growing new markets and the development of established customers. The position requires interactions with senior personnel and managers within high profile companies across the continent. To promote and position Scanbio's products you will be required to operate on business related issues and those requiring scientific knowledge. Our development within the industry is both strong and constant as the world’s demand for protein is high and the markets in steady growth. 

The Sales Manager will be responsible for complete commercial operations and actions as Scanbio's representative within the European market. Our customers and future clients are placed all over Europe, representing different cultures and several industry sectors. A successful Sales Manager will need to manage business processes, B2B sales and utilise technical knowledge as required. Core tasks for the Sales Manager:

  • Develop strategies to reach overall commercial goals
  • Identify and analyse potential markets, customers and competitive aspects
  • Sales and presentations to executive stakeholder’s within purchasing and nutrition
  • Build and strengthen relations to clients and future customers
  • Attend industry exhibitions and conferences to promote Scanbio
  • Negotiate contract, terms, volumes, prices and delivery
  • Plan for logistics from our factory to final delivery
  • Internal information and reporting of results and forecast
  • Develop strong methods and systems to secure high customer satisfaction   

In order to reach commercial goals, the Sales Manager will spend a lot of time with customers and be present at client’s facilities to learn their needs, secure excellent implementation and create customer value. The Sales Manager will have strong internal support within Scanbio when acting between the company and our customers. Extensive travel within Europe is required for this role. Scanbio acknowledges the importance of a work/life balance and aims to plan efficient travel schedules with the Sales Manager.

Education & experience:
The ideal candidate is a commercially minded person with a strong interest in the related science and the making of business concepts that create excellent customer value. In addition to being able to envision the business in a large scale the candidate needs to understand and focus on details throughout the complete process. This demands a structured way of work, high motivation for achieving results and the ability to manage several parallel business processes.     

The following are requirements for this position:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business or equivalent proven experience is required. Candidates with education from biology, animal nutrition or similar will be considered based on general abilities and relevant experience
  • Understanding of ingredients related to the feed industry
  • Good commercial abilities and interest for business processes
  • Excellent standard of business English, both written and spoken
  • Excellent skills in Microsoft Office

The following will be considered as positive for the applicant:

  • Several years successfully selling to food producers or relevant companies and industries
  • Experience in international sales, business and/or research
  • Norwegian language or another Scandinavian language
  • Experience with various cultures in Europe
  • Understanding of logistics and delivery processes

The following describes you as person: 
You act on your own initiative, make things happen and take responsibility for the results. You are able to build a useful network of contacts and relationships and utilise it to achieve objectives. You have a methodical and systematic approach, plan ahead, define clear priorities and allocate resources effectively. You have the ability to understand and analyse complex issues and problems quickly, and come up with rational judgements. You communicate in a clear, precise and structured way. You speak with authority and conviction and present effectively. You co-operate well with others, share knowledge, experience and information.
You support others in the pursuit of team goals.

Scanbio Marine Group offers the right candidate: 

  • Full-time, permanent position as Sales Manager Europe - Feed
  • Competitive fixed salary
  • Bonus and incentives linked to results
  • Flexible working hours and possibility to plan
  • Insurance and pension accordingly to company standards
  • Career opportunities within a company in a state of growth
  • The European continent as your working office
  • Training and personal development 

Scanbio is head-quartered in Trondheim, Norway. We prefer candidates who are willing to stay permanently in the area, but for this position we are open minded regarding where in Europe the candidate operates from, if there is a perfect match between the position and candidate.

Scanbio Marine Group have selected Seafood People to lead the recruitment process. Please contact them directly for more information or questions.

Contact: Per Stenhaug,

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