B2B Marketing Communications Manager

B2B Marketing Communications Manager job vacancy

Accountable to:                Marketing and Communications Director

Salary and benefits:       Commensurate with experience

Contract period:               Initial 12 month contract with view to extend

Location:                             Flexible

About ASC

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) is an independent, non-profit organisation, which sets global standards for responsible aquaculture. ASC promotes responsible aquaculture to consumers through the use of its logo on certified products.

The aquaculture industry is growing strongly and is already supplying more than half of all seafood consumed worldwide, but this growing demand increases the environmental and social footprint associated with this expansion. The ASC certification and labelling programme incentivises improved farming practices by promoting the benefits of responsibly farmed seafood in the market to encourage industry towards achieving environmental sustainability and social responsibility. For more information go to www.asc-aqua.org.

We are an ambitious organisation. In our first ten years we have established markets around the world for responsibly farmed seafood that are incentivising much needed improvement in aquaculture practice – but we want to accelerate that change.

We are investing in programme development that will further increase the value we offer our partners; we are investing in expanding the programme to tackle more of the pressing social and environmental challenges we face, we are investing in the accessibility of the programme to encourage more responsible production, and we are investing in deepening penetration in mature markets and expanding into new and developing markets to increase the market incentives associated with ASC labelled products.

To support all of this development it is essential we also have a fully integrated and sophisticated approach to our b2b marketing and communications. The Market Development Team is operating in countries to engage retailers, brands, traders, suppliers, and consumers as well as processors and farmers. To support their role, audience specific, concise and engaging marketing and communication assets are instrumental.


To develop and maintain a comprehensive marketing and communications support programme for the Market Development Team (MDT) that increases our connections across global supply chains; leverages ASC’s value, brand and competences; differentiates the organisation; evidences our positive impact and builds a solid appreciation of our programme value with a variety of b2b stakeholders by:

  • Promoting an audience insight-led approach to all marketing and communications planning that delivers meaningful value to a range of b2b partners across markets and countries of production


  • Grounding b2b content in ASC’s programme development work with a solid brand foundation across all markets and with all types of commercial partners
  • Support the tailoring of ASC’s b2b positioning and the development of relevant messaging and marketing and communication assets by mapping ASC’s value and brand to audience needs at all touchpoints in each market and country of production
  • Developing and sharing content that informs and supports the Market Development Team in their development and growth and promotes the sharing of best practice and lessons learnt

Main Responsibilities:


B2B audience research and insight development

  • Working closely with stakeholders and MDT and using available data and new research, support the creation and continual improvement of b2b stakeholder journeys including the identification of partner needs and expectations, the drivers of value at each journey phase and their relevant touchpoints.
  • Support the development of a commercial messaging platform based on ASC’s value proposition and brand identity with relevant and persuasive messaging mapped to critical global and local b2b stakeholders.
  • Building upon amongst other insights from local MDT team, analyse and report on global trends including market, producer and competitor developments and identifying opportunities and threats for BtoB messaging.

B2B content development and production (materials, events, planning etc.)

  • Working in conjunction with the MDT director, managers and country teams, develop and manage an integrated b2b content plan that supports strategic and programmatic development and objectives, and that that delivers messages to all the touchpoints that influence decision makers.
  • Act as a brand champion both internally and externally, promoting and supporting the development of industry best practice materials that have a solid grounding in programmatic development and brand discipline.
  • Support the development of effective, value-oriented content for global use as well as content tailored to the nature, context and objective of different companies in local markets and producer countries that is shown to increase engagement and long term commitments to the ASC.
  • Support the development of integrated, whole journey content that delivers valuable, relevant information at the right moment to build awareness, help stakeholders navigate the complexity of aquaculture responsibility and certification, deepen their understanding, make meaningful connections and commitments to the ASC.
  • Promote the identification and use of effective and innovative channels and touchpoints to best deliver messages e.g. website, newsletters, blogs, white /position papers, guides, briefings, infographics, webinars, videos and other materials.
  • Develop and deliver case studies and insights to promote successful market development activities and establish the ASC’s thought leadership.
  • Provide hands-on marketing and communications support to MDT to help initiate, build and maintain strong and long-lasting stakeholder relationships.

B2B digital content

  • Support the development, publishing and management of rich digital content for b2b audiences.
  • Help optimise our digital b2b marketing and communications to the whole journeys of stakeholders to ensure they can quickly find the content they need.
  • Help create and manage integrated organic and paid social media activity to support global and local b2b market needs.
  • Support the development and improvement of b2b digital activity though the use of analytics and other digital insights.
  • Help develop downloadable marketing and communication packs with assets and messages that partners can use themselves.

B2B Best Practice development & management

  • Work closely with the MDT and MarComs teams to identify, implement and promote best practice across all b2b outputs.
  • Ensure all b2b marketing and communications content is consistent with our brand guidelines.
  • Track and monitor all b2b marketing and communications performance, behavioural metrics and ROI to identify most effective marketing channels, incorporate insights and lessons learned into planning, make recommendations to drive continuous improvement, and optimise budget spend.
  • Promote consistent and appropriate use of the MarComs/ASC project management process.
  • Support the development and implementation of process, guidelines and templates for the use of b2b tools, documents, files, apps and channels.
  • Support and promote the use of internal communication tools to help the ASC develop a culture based on trusted, two-way flows of information.
  • Take account of and celebrate the breadth of culture and character across the MDT – ensure everyone is informed, enabled and duly considered when contributing to the development of the b2b marketing and communications.
  • Curate and share the deep knowledge and lessons learned from b2b marketing and communications around the world.
  • Maintain and organise the b2b depository and promote the use of protocols and guidelines to ensure they are useful and used by staff.v

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