Chief Executive Officer - Tropo Farms Ghana

Tropo Farms (marketed as Volta Catch) is located in Ghana - a beautiful, warm, safe and welcoming country. One of Africa's leading democracies, she has one of the highest per-capita fish consumption rates in the world. Combined with a fast growing population and economy, there is a strong need to fill a huge and increasing deficit for fish.

Marine resources are rapidly being polluted and depleted therefore aquaculture in Lake Volta is a proven means to improve national food security, supply of protein and reduce imports.

Tropo Farms was established in 1997 and pioneered aquaculture in Ghana. It is the largest tilapia farming company in West Africa producing 10,000 tons of tilapia annually. With a team of 700 men and women operating four sites, the company is comprised of farming and distribution.

The company is ready to embark on an expansion which will focus on a significant increase of production over the next 5 years, expansion of distribution nationally and regionally, and improvements in sustainable methods of aquaculture, processing, tech adoption and corporate culture.

The CEO will be responsible for leading the development and execution of the Company's strategies with a view to creating shareholder value. The CEO’s leadership role will also entail being ultimately responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the Company's short- and long-term plans.

The CEO will act as a direct liaison between the Board and management of the Company and will communicate to the Board on behalf of management. The CEO will also communicate on behalf of the Company to financiers and shareholders, employees, legal advisors, Government authorities, other stakeholders and the public.

Key duties and responsibilities of the CEO include the following:

  • to lead, in conjunction with the Board, the development of the Company’s strategies;
  • to implement excellent corporate governance by further building and leading a highly talented and dynamic management team and ensure the Company is appropriately structured, organized and staffed;
  • to deploy investment for a new phase of expansion;
  • to ensure the Company operates human resources best practices and investment in human capital;
  • to ensure that finances and expenditures of the Company are within the authorized budget of the Company;
  • to ensure effective internal controls and management information systems are in place;
  • to assess the principal risks of the Company and to ensure that these risks are being monitored and managed;
  • to ensure the Company has appropriate systems to enable it to conduct its activities both lawfully and ethically;
  • to ensure the Company maintains high standards of corporate citizenship and social responsibility wherever it does business;
  • to ensure the integrity of all public disclosure by the Company;
  • to ensure that the company upholds best environmental stewardship and a minimal footprint; and
  • to enable the replication of the company regionally.

The preferred candidate will have a background in aquaculture, agribusiness or manufacturing with at least 10 years of experience as a CEO. An academic qualification such as an MBA would be beneficial (but not necessary if experience is substantial) and a high competence in spoken and written English is important. Attention to detail, dynamism, diplomacy and maturity, and a penchant for systems and simplicity will be intrinsic to success. Aquaculture is a complex form of agriculture with many moving parts and being a new industry in Ghana, solid leadership and the ability to coordinate, delegate and support managers is very important.

Compensation - internationally very competitive, with benefits and an option to participate in the growth of the company.

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