VP of Aquaculture

Recognizing that integration is essential to competing worldwide and controlling their own destiny, the Cooke family embarked on an aggressive plan for growth, with acquisitions and a strategic search for development opportunities that continue to this day.  The Company has expanded its facilities, product lines, and distribution networks to become fully integrated within its aquaculture operations. With acquisitions, Cooke has further expanded its seafood assets into the wild fishery. Today, the company is a leader in the global seafood industry with operations in Canada, the United States, Scotland, Spain, Chile, and many other countries.

Cooke is seeking a Vice President of Aquaculture who will oversee up to several hundred people with up to 10 direct reports.  This is a key hire for the organization.


  • Overall leadership and direction of seawater farming operations
  • Responsible for managing the annual operating budget, including annual capital expenditure budget, forecast, and communication of various business needs 
  • Ability to understand and interpret complex fish farming business dynamics including government regulations, environmental monitoring, site infrastructure, and development processes, etc.
  • Provide support to the harvest plan
  • Provide high-level leadership on environmental and regulatory affairs
  • Maintain and develop an ongoing operational plan
  • Support fish health strategy and coordinate with internal and external fish health professionals
  • Provide leadership and direction to all divisions under the Saltwater portfolio.
  • Participate in strategic planning with the executive team
  • Responsible for key biological performance indicators
  • Responsible for providing industry leadership
  • Participate with industry association boards
  • Commitment to the requirements of various industry certification schemes
  • Building networks inside and outside of the organization

Experience Needed and Skills:

  • 10+ years of salmon farming experience
  • A deep understanding of the complexity of the fish farming business dynamics
  • An understanding of process improvement initiatives and concepts.
  • Interacting with government regulators, environmental monitoring, site infrastructure, and development processes
  • Solid business planning with experience in finance and budgeting
  • College degree preferred

To be successful in this role, you are:  

You are focused on reaching results and solving problems fast and effectively.  You are very systematic, well organized as well as define clear priorities.  You plan well ahead with realistic timelines.  You can be described as talkative, lively, and sociable. Being in groups and having a wide network of contacts is enjoyable for you.  You are very interested in others' behavior.  You will observe and analyzes others' motives and reactions.  Realizing and considering the wider and longer-term consequences of incidents, plans, and activities are important to you.  You are very pragmatic and target-oriented in approach and stick to deadlines, Following procedures, rules and regulations are important to you. You will see a job through to the end and pays close attention to quality issues. You set ambitious goals.

What the company offers:

- Competitive salary
- Strong benefits
- Great work culture and long term growth
- Relocation assistance

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